Don’t Shake Up Your Accounts

One of the main things that mortgage lenders look for is that you maintain a long-standing relationship with banks and creditors and that you keep those accounts in good standing. The amount of time that you’ve had the account and the consistent payment of bills is the best way to ensure good credit. Keeping the money you have in your checking and savings accounts mostly static is a great way to make sure your mortgage loan can be processed without snags. Mortgage lenders need to feel comfortable with your economic situation in order to give you the best deal on a home loan, and changing accounts suddenly or transferring money between accounts unnecessarily may affect the amount of loan you can qualify for.

When the mortgage lenders calculate your loan amount, they will add up all of your liquid assets. If you are continually moving these around by transferring funds, they will ask for documentation each time and based on your frequency, can even deny you the loan. It’s much easier to keep the money in current accounts that are in good-standing than transfer money after the purchase of your home.

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