Thierry Roche's Bio –

Over 20 Years in Real Estate. 8 years as a Real Estate Radio Show Host.

Thierry is a consistently quoted Real Estate Authority in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Fairfax Journal, Washington Business Journal, WMAL Talk Radio, WWRC Talk Radio, WBZS Business Radio, Channel 8 TV News, and CBN TV National News, ABC Radio.

His unique Real Estate strategies and techniques for saving both buyers and sellers huge amounts of money, have been tested and proven exceptionally effective in the field. By the age of 27, Thierry had obtained the #1 Ranking out of thousands of Realtors in the entire Mid-Atlantic Division for the largest Real Estate company in the entire world, Century 21.

This is a feat that had never been achieved by someone that young, and has not been matched since. In 1993, Century 21 flew Thierry and 15 of the top agents in the world to Hollywood in order to exclusively showcase them in Century 21’s annual national Television ad campaign.

By his mid-thirties, Thierry had already obtained the top award of “Lifetime Achievement” and the coveted “Hall of Fame” award from Re/Max International. These two awards are only obtained by a very few select agents and brokers in the world, based on the absolute highest total volume of homes sold throughout an entire career.

Of the rare few that make it to the top level (most don’t achieve it until their retirement years), Thierry had made the top level by his mid-thirties through discovering and implementing ‘insider’ strategies and techniques that saved his clients tens of thousands of dollars on each of their individual home purchases and home sales. He is ranked in the Top 1% of all Realtors Worldwide.

He has conducted scores of Seminars educating Buyers, Sellers, Homeowners & Investors with his unique “Insider Information” on how to literally save tens of thousands of dollars by taking advantage of his strategies and techniques that were squeezed out of hundreds of his Radio Show interviews with experts in fields from mortgages and residential investing, home buying and selling, Real estate taxes, insurance and home repairs and improvements.

Several Newspapers, including the Washington Post and the Washington Times have run many feature articles about Thierry’s unique groundbreaking techniques that ‘Guarantee’ results.

Articles have included home buying savings and finance strategies to get the best price & terms that are used exclusively by industry insiders.

Articles for home sellers have showcased his techniques to maximize home selling prices, while saving time in any market environment, especially when other homes are not selling. His investing articles preach how to conservatively invest in houses to make millions, without relying on price appreciation, plus he even shows how to make money, if houses go down in value. And he also exposes some of the closely guarded industry insider secrets to home ownership — cost saving strategies that will save the average homeowner thousands of dollars every year on items from taxes and insurance to mortgage financing and home repairs/improvements.

He is the Realtor that is consistently hired by other Realtors and Mortgage Bankers for their own ‘personal’ real estate consultation, strategies and services. He’s the ‘Realtor’s’ Realtor. He is also the one that other agents and brokers go to for consulting about their own real estate investments.

Thierry has hosted the Washington DC area’s longest running exclusive real estate Radio talk show, “Inside Real Estate,” for 8 consecutive years, providing “insider information” on buying and negotiating techniques, home selling positioning and strategy for the best price, financing guidance and savings, residential investing and wealth creation and homeownership tips and tactics that will save tens of thousands of dollars on home taxes, insurance, finance, repairs and maintenance and improvements.

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