Take advantage of a lower tax rate

During an election season, candidates are often criticized for making a higher income but in turn paying less in income tax. Although this may appear to be unfair, taxpayers are allowed the option to arrange their affairs so they can lessen the amount of taxes they pay. The salaries, wages and commissions we make, as […]

You are in control!

If you are a seller, you have three tools within your control that will affect the marketability of your home: price, condition and terms. Price is the easy one, easily adjusted against competing properties, inventory levels and market conditions. But lower your price may not be your best decision when you want the most from […]

If you’re going to play, GET IN THE GAME

Redfin recently conducted a survey of almost a 1000 home buyers where they stated that with inventory low, affordability is their number one concern. Competition from other buyers is getting stronger. But if you’re not in the game, then your chance of buying is even lower. Redfin’s survey showed that 26 percent choose affordability, 19 […]

Let your renters send your kids to college

Parents! Do you have children getting ready to go to college either this year or shortly thereafter? The average cost of the 2015-16 school year is $32,405 for a private college, $9,410 for state resident of a public college and $23,893 for out-of-state residents. If you had begun a college savings account when your child […]

Investment Alternative

A natural investment alternative for you as a homeowner is rental homes. Because you already own a home and are familiar with them, you realize that the maintenance on a rental home is not that different from your own home. You can use the same painters, plumbers and other contractors that you use on your […]

Some improvements keep on taking

The time has come for you to add that new pool to your backyard. But wait, the pool is great and your home value will go up but so will your maintenance costs, your utilities and your property taxes. However you will benefit with an increase in your equity due to appreciation of your home. […]

Little Known Buyer Incentive

An available solution for helping buyers and sellers is this uncommon mortgage program. Called a temporary buy down, it is a fixed mortgage in which to seller prepays the interest at closing i order to lower the payments for several years. The borrower must be approved at the note rate however, but will get the […]

How Earnest Are You?

“If I tell you it’s going to rain, you can put the buckets on the porch.” Sayings such as these are often used in the south as a testimony of a person’s veracity of their word. If you personally know someone or know their reputation, you can make a decision on whether to trust them […]