Negotiations times two

For some home sales there can be two periods of negotiation. Your primary negotiation happens when the contract is agreed to including price, closing date and possession. Both parties feel relief once this primary negotiation period is finished. But if there are any contingencies for financing, inspections or anything else, more negotiations will ensue. Getting […]

Are you ready to Retire?

Isn’t it surprising that most people spend more time picking out a cell phone or planning a vacation than they do planning to retire. In a hypothetical situation where you are retiring in 15 years and are given $35K to invest, do you know where you might have the best rate of return (ROI)? You […]

Don’t Waste My Time

In today’s world we are all caught up in the instant gratification era. We all walk around with our lives in our hands, literally in your phone. So expect people to react with “don’t waste my time.” Buyers, sellers or Real Estate agents can all feel this way. It has been ingrained in us that […]

Pictures are worth 1000 words

Online shopping is the trend and it applies to real estate. One major factor in that marketing is listing photos. The National Association of Realtors reports that over 90 percent of buyers look on the internet first when looking for a home. It it more efficient for them to review photos of homes online than […]

How will you feel? Will it change?

As we live our lives it seems that change is the only constant in them. There was a lot of speculation last January that interest rates would increase right beside home prices. And while it is true that home prices have increased in most U.S. markets over the last five years, mortgage rates today are […]

Make a better offer – Get accepted!

All real estate contracts have their required elements, considerations, mutual assent, capacity and legality but there are some things that you can do to increase your offer being accepted. The homeseller would like to get the highest possible price in the shortest time period with the least inconveniences. Conversely, a buyer wants to get the […]

A disappearing opportunity

Over the last several years during the real estate recession, some homeowners who couldn’t sell their home decided to rent it instead. You may be one of these people. Now that the real estate market has turned around in most areas, that same home may now sell and bring a higher price. With all forecasts […]

Take advantage of a lower tax rate

During an election season, candidates are often criticized for making a higher income but in turn paying less in income tax. Although this may appear to be unfair, taxpayers are allowed the option to arrange their affairs so they can lessen the amount of taxes they pay. The salaries, wages and commissions we make, as […]

You are in control!

If you are a seller, you have three tools within your control that will affect the marketability of your home: price, condition and terms. Price is the easy one, easily adjusted against competing properties, inventory levels and market conditions. But lower your price may not be your best decision when you want the most from […]