Gift a Home or Inherit it?

The other day someone called a radio talk show and had a situation that troubled the caller and is also disturbing to listeners because of the potential tax liability and steps that can be taken to avoid it. The elderly father of the caller had switched his deed on his home to his daughter a […]

Make it Your Principal Thing

Most American believe that they will have a car payment and a house payment for the rest of their lives. But if you get a plan and a little discipline you don’t have to be in that majority. You plan should be to make additional principal contributions to your fixed-rate mortgage which will shorten the […]

FOUND! Your Down Payment

Taking the time to save a down payment for buying a home might be keeping you from actually buying a home. But you may be unaware that those funds may already exist. NAR does a Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers report each year which says that 81 percent of first-time buyers pull all or […]

Waiting on your dream home…Why?

Some buyers are under the impression that they need to wait until they have saved a 20% down payment so when they buy their dream home they can avoid mortgage insurance (PMI) which lenders required when the loan-to-value ratio of larger than 80 percent. The only exception to this rule is VA loans. Here is […]

Out dust spot, out I say!

Keeping a home dust-free takes a serious commitment and a strategy of housekeeping that addresses dust and what causes it to multiply. You may be motivated by having a clean home or by removing allergens to lessen the suffering of a family member. No matter your motivation the process will be worth it. Aim to […]