Some improvements keep on taking

The time has come for you to add that new pool to your backyard. But wait, the pool is great and your home value will go up but so will your maintenance costs, your utilities and your property taxes. However you will benefit with an increase in your equity due to appreciation of your home. […]

Little Known Buyer Incentive

An available solution for helping buyers and sellers is this uncommon mortgage program. Called a temporary buy down, it is a fixed mortgage in which to seller prepays the interest at closing i order to lower the payments for several years. The borrower must be approved at the note rate however, but will get the […]

How Earnest Are You?

“If I tell you it’s going to rain, you can put the buckets on the porch.” Sayings such as these are often used in the south as a testimony of a person’s veracity of their word. If you personally know someone or know their reputation, you can make a decision on whether to trust them […]

Credit Score Breakdown

Lenders use credit scores to measure a borrower’s creditworthiness. Although several different companies offer credit scores, the Fair Isaacson Corporation or FICO is the one that is most often used. FICO uses five key components to determine a borrower’s overall credit score or rating.  The highest percentage, 35 percent, is judged on payment history which […]

Increase your paycheck

If you are a homeowner, your tax savings is usually realized when you file your federal income tax return once a year after you have already spent money on interest and property taxes. You may look forward to the refund as a windfall from a forced savings account. However, some people would rather get their […]

Buy Now or Wait?

It is surprising the number of people who contact a RealtorⓇ or real estate office with intentions on buying a home but they can’t qualify for a loan or don’t have a down payment. Sometimes a RealtorⓇ will begin working with a buyer who has the down payment and good credit but decides to postpone […]

Worth your time

“Anyone may arrange his affairs so that his taxes shall be as low as possible…” While Judge Learned Hand was talking about federal income taxes, it can be applied to property taxes as well. Property valuation determination by the state or county is based on a number of variables such as size, amenities, location and […]

You Need Some Leverage

Leverage can give you an advantage whether you are lifting a heavy object or happen to be building up equity in a home. On a home, your loan-to-value mortgage allows you greater profits than just recovering your cash down payment. You can purchase a $250,000 home with an FHA loan making a 3.5 percent down […]