Bigger Home Lower Cost

What if you could live in a possibly newer and larger home Fairfax home for sale for the same or less than you are currently spending? Would you think about moving? Read on… Analysts have been predicting that interest rates will go up by the end of 2015, but they recently dipped and are still […]

Ready to Pay for College?

When you have children, one of the more important things for their future is planning for their college education. Here is a look at two different ways to save; a savings account or an investment in real estate. For my example, let’s assume you have a five year old child and that you will begin […]

A Champion on Your Side

In sports, we have the World Series and the Super Bowl to determine baseball and football champions. As with any competition there can be only one champion, one winner, one loser. Throughout history, kings would have knights to be their champions and the knights would fight for various reasons. Today, buying or selling a home […]

Can you Imagine

Since 2009, mortgage rates have been below five percent. With rates this low for this long, you would think that existing homeowners or homeowners with Fairfax homes for sale would take the opportunity to refinance. Estimates are around 6.5 million borrowers could benefit with monthly savings if they refinanced. Rodney Anderson, who has a weekly […]

Is Fear of the Unknown Stopping You

The ultimate goal of today’s renters is to own their own home. But many just continue to pay rent month to month and miss out on the emotional and financial advantages. I can recommend a mortgage professional that will help you explore programs for low or no down payment. Veterans often get special consideration and […]

Would you do it

A homeowner builds equity in their home and as that home appreciates it guarantees the value of their investment. Going into your home buying experience, you may have resolved the fact that you will have a mortgage payment for 30 years. But what if you could quickly increase your equity while reducing interest owed on […]

Be safe when grilling this summer

It’s the middle of the summer and we are about to celebrate the 4th of July. Grilling will be in demand this weekend and for the rest of the summer. But when you work with fire you take a chance on getting burned. When you gather with friends and family make sure you observe these […]

Cut your monthly payment

You are living in the home of your dreams. It’s only two to three years old. Why refinance if the rate is the same or a bit higher than the one you have? Because in today’s market you just might be able to eliminate your PMI or mortgage insurance. This will give you a large […]