Is Fear of the Unknown Stopping You

The ultimate goal of today‚Äôs renters is to own their own home. But many just continue to pay rent month to month and miss out on the emotional and financial advantages. I can recommend a mortgage professional that will help you explore programs for low or no down payment. Veterans often get special consideration and […]

Would you do it

A homeowner builds equity in their home and as that home appreciates it guarantees the value of their investment. Going into your home buying experience, you may have resolved the fact that you will have a mortgage payment for 30 years. But what if you could quickly increase your equity while reducing interest owed on […]

Be safe when grilling this summer

It’s the middle of the summer and we are about to celebrate the 4th of July. Grilling will be in demand this weekend and for the rest of the summer. But when you work with fire you take a chance on getting burned. When you gather with friends and family make sure you observe these […]

Cut your monthly payment

You are living in the home of your dreams. It’s only two to three years old. Why refinance if the rate is the same or a bit higher than the one you have? Because in today’s market you just might be able to eliminate your PMI or mortgage insurance. This will give you a large […]

Sellers Market?

The real estate market this selling season has been challenging. Low inventory is resulting in multiple offer situations for buyers. Well-qualified buyers are finding this market challenging but other buyers with small down payments and lesser credit ratings are struggling. For first-time buyers, the urgency is real since they are renters and what to buy […]

Preserve Those Memories Now

Sometimes we look back over our lives and use the terms “Should of,” “Would of,” or “Could of.” Don’t let that be you when it comes to preserving your memories by taking pictures. Your home is an important part of those memories so take those pictures today! Looking back over your life becomes much easier […]

Make A Standout Offer

In today’s real estate market, inventory of Fairfax homes for sale as well as National inventory is still down. This is what some may call a “Seller’s Market.” During this time you need to make your offer to purchase a home the most attractive it can be. It would be safe to assume that you […]

Why be without one?

A four-time 75 year old widowed man was asked about why he was getting married again, his response was “for the little bit they eat, I would not want to be without one.” You also wouldn’t want to be without an umbrella in a torrential rainfall. So why be without an agent when you are […]

Mailbox Money!

So you are planning for retirement and you go to the Official Social Security Website to use their Retirement Estimator which calculates your benefits based on what you have paid into the system. But you discover that you will not have enough Social Security income to cover your retirement living expenses. How would you like […]