Waiting on your dream home…Why?

Some buyers are under the impression that they need to wait until they have saved a 20% down payment so when they buy their dream home they can avoid mortgage insurance (PMI) which lenders required when the loan-to-value ratio of larger than 80 percent. The only exception to this rule is VA loans. Here is […]

Out dust spot, out I say!

Keeping a home dust-free takes a serious commitment and a strategy of housekeeping that addresses dust and what causes it to multiply. You may be motivated by having a clean home or by removing allergens to lessen the suffering of a family member. No matter your motivation the process will be worth it. Aim to […]

Negotiations times two

For some home sales there can be two periods of negotiation. Your primary negotiation happens when the contract is agreed to including price, closing date and possession. Both parties feel relief once this primary negotiation period is finished. But if there are any contingencies for financing, inspections or anything else, more negotiations will ensue. Getting […]

Are you ready to Retire?

Isn’t it surprising that most people spend more time picking out a cell phone or planning a vacation than they do planning to retire. In a hypothetical situation where you are retiring in 15 years and are given $35K to invest, do you know where you might have the best rate of return (ROI)? You […]

Don’t Waste My Time

In today’s world we are all caught up in the instant gratification era. We all walk around with our lives in our hands, literally in your phone. So expect people to react with “don’t waste my time.” Buyers, sellers or Real Estate agents can all feel this way. It has been ingrained in us that […]

Pictures are worth 1000 words

Online shopping is the trend and it applies to real estate. One major factor in that marketing is listing photos. The National Association of Realtors reports that over 90 percent of buyers look on the internet first when looking for a home. It it more efficient for them to review photos of homes online than […]