Did you do one of these?

When we are young and just starting our lives we often think of ourselves as being “bullet-proof” and we say “I have the rest of my life to do that!” But what happens if the rest of your life ends tomorrow? We are not guaranteed to live “forever” nor can we say we will live […]

The Clock is Ticking!

Procrastination! We all do it. Especially when it comes to buying big ticket items such as cars and homes. If you have been thinking of buying a home, it might be time to put aside the hesitation and jump into a purchase especially with what’s coming in the future. All the data I have been […]

Is Renting in Your Future?

We all learn to ride our first bicycles using training wheels. They assist us with keeping the bicycle straight until we learn to balance. Once those training wheels are taken off, we usually don’t put them back on again. Using this concept, once you have owned a home it may seem strange to revert to […]

Are you an empty nester?

Is your house feeling a little large these days? Is your lifestyle changing from what the old routine? If you have spent most of your life raising kids and they have flown the coup to start their new lives then you know what I mean. If your existing home just doesn’t seem to fit anymore […]

Does this silent intruder lurk in your home?

Often talked about but not acted on is the odor-free potentially hazardous, invisible Radon gas. This cancer-causing radioactive harmful gas is often discovered during home inspections and a surprised to both seller and buyer. Radon seeps into your home through floor cracks, construction joints, wall cracks, suspended floor gaps, openings around water pipes, cavities inside […]

Quick and Clean But Accurate?

Home search sites all across the web are now offering you some type of home valuation. Zillow┬« allows you to claim your home using your address, plug in some extra data and then presents you with a value. It’s quick, it is pretty easy, but does it really represent an accurate value of your home? […]