Is Understanding Costing You Money?

Most people including homeowners fear things they don’t understand. This fear leads people to not try different solutions that might be a benefit to them. Prospective buyers know about fixed rate mortgages and have long memories when it comes to stories about people losing their homes because they could not afford the payments once their […]

Ewww That Smell…Can you smell that smell?

Homeowners can develop a condition that is called “nose blind.” Getting to this state involves three steps. The first is odor adaptation; your nose’s physical response that normalizes new smells. The second is odor habituation; a built-in reprogramming of our brain to ignore a smell. And last odor infestation which is what your guests smell […]

It’s Your Advantage

Technology today is a wonder! We are able to do more things with our smartphones than we could just a few years ago. Homebuyers (over 90%) use video tours, digital signing and home search sites such as ZillowⓇ to get information about homes, neighborhoods, schools and even future neighbors. With all this technology happening, homebuyers […]

Burning both ends earns benefits

There is a popular saying “burning the candle at both ends” which we often determine to mean being an A+ personality and working harder than the average person. But what if burning both ends gives you an unexpected benefit? Let’s use the analogy that the candle is your home mortgage and getting it paid off […]

Be ready for any emergency with this kit

Unexpected things can happen at any time, that’s why we call them emergencies. The Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA makes a standard recommendation to all Americans that you have enough basic supplies on hand to survive an emergency for at least three days. The creation of a “Ready” kit needs to be assembled now. […]

Forced Savings

Your bank may have a voluntary program where you can transfer $100 each month from checking to savings. After five years, you would have over $5,000 in your savings. You can view this as a type of forced savings. The same happens when you buy a home with a standard amortizing mortgage. Each month as […]

More Equity…More Options

If you are a homeowner, you should know that having equity in your home gives you options. The difference between the value of your home and what you owe on the home is called equity. During the recent “Great Recession” homeowner equity decreased nationwide. When the value of your home is less that the mortgage […]

Re-think Rentals

Contributors to the rate of return on rental real estate are appreciation, cash flow, leverage, tax advantages and equity buildup. If all of this is confusing and is keeping you from investing in rental property, take a different approach. Let’s cut out all but cash flow and equity buildup as factors to buy rental property. […]