Home for Sale? Secure It!

During the month of September, REALTORS® draw special attention to securing any homes that they have on the market for sale. September has been designated REALTOR® Safety month. But safety is also the seller’s responsibility so here are some tips to keeping your home secure and lessening any risk. Locks – your windows and doors […]

Three Benefits to a 15-Year Mortgage

Stability, affordability and flexibility are the three best reasons why homebuyers often choose a 30 year mortgage over a 15 year mortgage. But if you can afford to make a higher monthly payment, here are three great reasons to choose the 15 year mortgage: build equity faster, save on total interest and pay off your […]

Making Your Best Offer

Making an offer on a home can be disappointing, discouraging and sometimes frustrating when the seller doesn’t accept it or accepts another offer over yours. Just because you made an offer doesn’t mean it will be accepted nor does it mean you will get a counter offer. With low inventory levels still across much of […]

Unexpected Closing Costs

TD Bank released a recent study that says 65 percent of home buyers with a mortgage that required PMI (private mortgage insurance) stated having a higher monthly payment that was over what they had originally planned. PMI is a requirement when your home loan exceeds 80 percent of what the home is valued. The premiums […]

Seller's Market?

When demand for housing is high and the supporting inventory is low, we often use the term “Seller’s Market.” This means selling conditions are favorable for sellers and there are no adverse economic conditions that are affecting the market. A higher amount of willing, able and ready buyers determines demand. A timing of lower interest […]

Tips for a Worry-free Vacation …

When you plan your summer vacation trip, you are focused on when, where and how long. You can add even more enjoyment to your trip by ensuring your home is safe and secure while you are away. Here are some suggestions for all homeowners and those with Fairfax Homes for Sale to help put your […]

A Down Payment Source to Consider

Most of us know that if you withdraw funds early from your IRA you pay a 10 percent penalty. Current withdrawal age is 59.5 years old. But first-time homebuyers have an exception available to them. They are allowed to withdraw up to $10,000 per person, penalty free, if they did not own a home in […]

Track your Improvements!

The money you spend on your home is treated different when it comes to income tax. When you make necessary repairs to your home to maintain its condition, these repairs are not tax deductible. But any capital improvements you make to your home will increase the base price of the home and add equity. You […]