Did you include these?

Just about two months until your 2014 tax returns are due. Whether you are doing them yourself or having a professional prepare the returns, you need to make sure you have all your deductions accounted. Below is a list I have created that will serve as a reminder to check and see if they apply […]

Are you an empty nester?

Current statistics put about 12.5 percent of the population over the age of 65. With a good amount of these “empty nesters” they might not need all the space of a larger home. Making a case for downsizing to a smaller home. With downsizing, you are saving money and maybe clearing out life’s unnecessary clutter. […]

How enticing is zero percent interest?

As consumers, we are always looking for the latest deal. We are often lured by the zero percent financing gimmicks thrown out there by car salesman and retail stores. At zero percent, it doesn’t cost you anything to use their money. But mortgage rates do not offer zero percent. With the average 30-year mortgage rate […]

How ICE can save your life

Ok. This ICE isn’t that what you put in a drink glass, or what we get when it is cold and rains, or maybe what you use to reduce swelling on your injuries. This ICE is for your cell phone, and it could save your life It’s simple. Emergency response personnel have been advising us […]