Real Estate Radio Show Host, Thierry Roche…

…Will Personally Teach You The Strategies Used By Northern Virginia’s Wealthy Real Estate Insiders That Are Guaranteed To SAVE At Least $25,000 – $50,000 Dollars On Your Next Home

In this LIVE, Free Online Webinar You’ll Learn The Most Powerful, Proven and Time Tested Northern Virginia Home Purchase Savings Strategies That Were Squeezed Out Of These ‘Insiders’ During 8 Years Of Radio Interviews, Plus The Newest Techniques Being Used Today.

And the BEST Part?

You Won’t Pay Him One Red Cent for His Expert Guidance. It’s Free!

Thierry Roche is known in the Industry as the ‘Realtors, Realtor’.

And for very good reason…

Because of his Real Estate Radio show and his special access to all of the Real Estate industry giants and their closely guarded money making/savings techniques, other Realtors actually hire Thierry to handle their own personal home buying transactions and forego their own real estate commission.

They do this to get access to this same Insider info that Thierry already has, so that they can save $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, and more on the overall cost of a home purchase and financing.

Now you can learn these ‘Insider Strategies’ that can be used for huge savings on your own personal home purchase. You’ll get up close and personal with the “daily transactions” of Industry experts that are guaranteed to save $30,000, $40,000, $50,000, or more – on:

  • Where to get the BEST deals on Foreclosures and Short Sales in Northern VA.
  • Insider Technique to get the BEST interest rate from mortgage lenders.
  • How to find the ‘temporarily undervalued’ neighborhoods in N. Virginia so you can buy tens of thousands of dollars under market value – before they bounce back to normal values.
  • Where to find No Money down programs.
  • Predict the Market – Learn to use ‘Insider proprietary tools’ to predict market trends and SAVE thousands on home purchases BEFORE the media and other buyers find out.
  • Legally Bulletproof your home from creditors and lawsuits and even the IRS.
  • IRS Loophole exposed to force Uncle Sam to send you $200-$400/month for your mortgage payments, and pay less than rent for your new home
  • How to get the areas top ‘Buyer Broker’ Realtor to work for you to find the best deal, for FREE.
  • Insiders Secret weapon – How to pay only $100 for a costly (and major) mechanical, electric or plumbing repair that would otherwise cost thousands per repair.

“Even with my experience as a Real Estate Editor for one of the D.C. area’s largest newspapers, authoring a book on investing (Real Estate Investing Made Simple), and writing hundreds of articles both in print and online, Thierry and I will spend hours talking about the latest investment strategy in Real Estate …and I’m always the one with the questions!”
— M. Anthony Carr, Author (Real Estate Investing Made Simple), Investor, National Speaker. Former editor, Washington Times Real Estate Section

This Is The Homebuyers Webinar Not to Be Missed!

Thierry doesn’t do these live Webinars very much anymore, so if you would like to get access to this info that will keep Thousands in your pocket …and if you are looking to buy in the N. Virginia area and would like to secure your place in this limited capacity, FREE, Live Online Webinar… you need to register now!

Now, Let’s Look at a Few MORE Things You’ll LEARN in the Webinar:

  • The BEST negotiating techniques, currently working in today’s market.
  • How to find the BEST deals in different market areas & neighborhoods.
  • Learn the best timing and phase of a new home subdivision for getting the BEST discounts from the builder.
  • Find ‘no money down’ programs offered by the state and private entities.
  • How to recover your investment if home prices go down, and even make a profit!
  • Get the BEST interest rate from mortgage lenders in today’s post ‘sub-prime mortgage meltdown’ lending environment.
  • How to get the IRS to send YOU a $1000 – $2000 check – AFTER you buy your home – even if the seller pays some of your deductible closing costs.
  • Find out which is a better deal in this type of market– new home or a resale

I am a Real Estate Broker and Investor, I could easily find homes for myself (and receive a commission on each transaction as well), but I decided that it makes far more sense to let Thierry find homes for us, because of his specialized expertise in cost and finance savings Information that I just don’t have.
— David Norod, Principal Real Estate Broker, WJD Management, LLC

Thousands In Cash In Your Pocket Now – Bonus for Webinar Participants Only…

We have assembled something very, very special for everyone, who attends the Free Webinar. And it’s literally worth thousands of dollars on your home purchase.

At no cost, you will get access to an exclusive ‘Affinity Package’ that we’ve assembled from local attorneys, lenders, inspectors, insurers, etc. This is for Webinar attendees ONLY!

This package will give you thousands of dollars of Guaranteed Savings on your home purchase, financing and associated costs.

These are services you will need anyway, but you can’t get these kinds of benefits and savings on your own.

These special benefits are not advertised … and they are only available to those, who attend Thierry’s FREE Online Webinar!

If you’ll share your address in the registration form below, we’ll also mail you a printed version of ‘The Homebuyers Primer’ e-course. That way, you can use it as a guide – to make sure you can take notes, as well as have something to review after the Webinar!

As a first-time homebuyer, I had a great deal of anxiety & questions about my foray into the labyrinth of real estate transactions. Thierry did better than just answer my questions and quell my anxieties. He educated me about the entire process; he wanted to be sure I thoroughly understood both the transaction and the process to complete it. Plus, we saved a tremendous amount of money with his unique techniques!
— Johnise Molloy, Herndon, VA

P.S. The seminar is purely educational, free, and there is absolutely no commitment. But if you don’t check it out, you’ll never know what you’re missing. Not to mention the special ‘ Affinity Package’ BONUS savings for Northern Virginia Homebuyers – guaranteed to save you Thousands of dollars on your overall home purchase.

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