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Mortgage Among Friends & Family

Any lender and any borrower can agree on a set of rates and terms, but the IRS does have certain rules that control this type of transaction specifically when the parties are friends or family. Some of the applicable rules are that the loan must be done in a business-like manner as a written note […]

Make it Your Principal Thing

Most American believe that they will have a car payment and a house payment for the rest of their lives. But if you get a plan and a little discipline you don’t have to be in that majority. You plan should be to make additional principal contributions to your fixed-rate mortgage which will shorten the […]

Burning both ends earns benefits

There is a popular saying “burning the candle at both ends” which we often determine to mean being an A+ personality and working harder than the average person. But what if burning both ends gives you an unexpected benefit? Let’s use the analogy that the candle is your home mortgage and getting it paid off […]

Can you Imagine

Since 2009, mortgage rates have been below five percent. With rates this low for this long, you would think that existing homeowners or homeowners with Fairfax homes for sale would take the opportunity to refinance. Estimates are around 6.5 million borrowers could benefit with monthly savings if they refinanced. Rodney Anderson, who has a weekly […]