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You Can Be Mortgage Free

We often assume that as we age we will have house payments and car payments for the rest of our lives. But if you plan now and stick with it you too can be mortgage free. Retire planning should begin when you start your first job. However, most of us procrastinate on this vitality important […]

Little Known Fact About Renting Your Home

Planning to attend a major sporting event but don’t have a place to stay. Think about the fact that each year there are homeowners around major sporting events that rent their homes for premium prices because there are little to no hotel rooms available. And the demand for renting private residences is up…for instance AirBnB. […]

Lighting Conversion Plan

Few of us regularly pay attention to what Congress does but in this case, you might want to. Congress passed an energy act in 2007 that set new energy-efficient standard for basic light bulbs. This act phases out standard incandescent bulbs and soon they will no longer be available. Alternative bulbs now available are LEDs […]

Energy Pirates

As a homeowner, the largest expenses you will have after you pay your mortgage payment is for energy consumption. Factors that contribute to the amount you will pay are air leaks, amount of insulation, efficiency of your heating and cooling system, water heater(s) and lights. However, some of your appliances can be energy pirates when […]

Are you safe at home?

Everyone wants to feel safe and secure in their home. It is the only place you can truly be you. But we can take our feeling of safety for granted and we do need to remain vigilant about not compromising our safety. Below are some tips to help stay safe. An inviting home invites everyone […]

Deduct Your Interest and Lower Your Rate

America’s credit card debt is back and at levels we saw prior to the recent recession. According to Weekly Credit Card Report, APR’s are running just under 16 percent. But homeowners have an advantage that renters do not when it comes to dealing with high debt. Debt advisors will tell you that you need […]

Estate Planning – Don’t put it off!

You need estate planning! In the event of your death or incapacitation, these documents will be used by your executor(s) to make decisions for you. Your surviving spouse, adult children, minor children, property and your investments will all be factors for decision making and will only benefit if you get it done. Will – used […]

Tax Benefits of Home Ownership

In 1913, the 16th amendment introduced personal income tax and U.S. taxpayers have enjoyed specific tax benefits for home ownership. These tax benefits may not be the reason why most people buy a home, but they are real and are not available to people who rent. Changes made to the capital gains tax code in […]

Proof you made the purchase

When you experience a loss of property, your insurance company will ask you for the proof of purchase which can take two forms; a purchase receipt or a current home inventory of your personal belongings. Even if you are a highly organized homeowner, you might find it challenging to locate receipts for all the valuables […]