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Are you ready to retire?

You would be shocked to hear just how many people have spent more time on vacation planning or mobile phone purchases than they have on planning for retirement. These same people are probably expecting that Social Security will support them through their golden years. It can be assumed that a single person who has paid […]

Reasons to buy into the rental market

Some characteristics to owning a single-family home are not available through standard investment types. Single-family homes give an investor the opportunity to borrow large loan-to-value amounts with fixed rates for long terms on assets that keep appreciating. They also offer tax advantages and a reasonable amount of control. On most residential units up to four […]

“This is going to be the year”

As we begin the new year everyone seems to have the same things on their resolution list. Lose weight, save money, exercise more…well maybe this is your year to invest in a rental home. With a strengthening real estate market, rents are on their way up, home values are steady and mortgage rates for non-owner […]

Take advantage of a lower tax rate

During an election season, candidates are often criticized for making a higher income but in turn paying less in income tax. Although this may appear to be unfair, taxpayers are allowed the option to arrange their affairs so they can lessen the amount of taxes they pay. The salaries, wages and commissions we make, as […]

Let your renters send your kids to college

Parents! Do you have children getting ready to go to college either this year or shortly thereafter? The average cost of the 2015-16 school year is $32,405 for a private college, $9,410 for state resident of a public college and $23,893 for out-of-state residents. If you had begun a college savings account when your child […]

Investment Alternative

A natural investment alternative for you as a homeowner is rental homes. Because you already own a home and are familiar with them, you realize that the maintenance on a rental home is not that different from your own home. You can use the same painters, plumbers and other contractors that you use on your […]

Are you making the right investment

Hey, your scratch-off ticket hits big and you win $8,750. Instead of spending it away, you decide to invest the money. Three alternatives are on your mind: purchase a certificate of deposit, invest in a mutual fund or use it as a down payment on a $250,000 home. Let’s compare these three alternatives by looking […]

Six Reasons to Invest in Rentals

When compared to alternative investments, rentals homes have some distinct advantages. With these advantages and the opportunity for a higher yield, it becomes a clear choice for many investors. Most types of investments have to be paid in cash up front. You can purchase stock with 50 percent cash, but if the value decreases, you […]